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Our Philosophy, Our Dreams and Our Mission

The Man and His Dreams: Mr. Eladio Guevarra


Mission & Vision

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“Give man a fish and he will eat for the day! But teach man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime!”

This is the very foundation of our philosophy, our dreams and our mission.

Let us together develop learned and technology-trained Filipinos who are globally competitive and are imbued with a high level of social responsibility, thereby creating a vibrant and enterprising economy.

As a non-stock, non-profit organization, our resources are limited and therefore, we need your assistance, both financial and cooperative, to make this dream a reality. Let us all join hands and pull out our fellow Filipinos from the pit of poverty and back to our society as proud earners, entrepreneurs, and contributors to national growth.

Instead of giving dole outs to our poor brothers, let us teach them how to fish by providing them knowledge and skills on livelihood and technology courses, led by experienced professionals in their respected fields of expertise.

In the vastness of the universe there is no limit to the superhighway of information and technologies, which awed the modern man. Similarly, in the perspective of his own experiences in life, there is no limit to man’s ability to determine his own destiny, using present technologies to achieve his dream, his destiny. These same dreams and determination of many men impelled the efforts that were culminated in the first man on the moon in July 1969.

It all started with a dream, while awake, as he stared at the seemingly jobless young and old lined up in a street corner in Antipolo. Then he sees the street children buzzing around in a tricycle station.They are all familiar sights that we see all over the Philippines. Obviously uneducated, jobless, hungry, or so he thinks?

Today, four years later, Skill Power Institute and Negoskwela, in four locations, stand proud with thousands of learned and employed individuals… transforming jobless bystanders to proud entrepreneurs.

The man continues to dream.

Company History

Skill Power Institute (SPI) was established on November 4, 1997 and has since then become among the pioneers of tertiary computer education, not only in Antipolo City, where it started, but also in the adjacent towns and municipalities. SPI’s main objective is to enhance the intellectual growth of the youth and the adult, as well as to prepare them to be globally competitive and equipped to face a fast-advancing world.

Founded by Mr. Eladio A. Guevarra, SPI has taken large strides to further augment its quality education by being accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). Now, the prime movers of Skill Power Institute are breaking into fresh grounds by offering Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Short Courses for individuals who want to be among the movers of the country’s economy through Negoskwela.

Birth of Negoskwela

Trail Blazing the Philippines’ Technological Field

A new shooting star blazed into the educational and technological horizon, an offshoot of varied experiences, technologies and dreams. Realizing the need for short but highly technological courses for everyone, young and old, jobless or employed, Skill Power Institute branched out and gave birth to Negoskwela.


We aim to become an effective educational and training center that develops and trains deserving students, knowledge workers, men and women, young and adults to be locally and globally competitive in their chosen field of work, who endeavor, encourage and foster a vibrant, enterprising local or regional economy by improving business competitiveness and creating a world class dynamic workforce, thereby contributing to the sustainable economic growth of the region/nation.


We envision for the Filipinos an integrative education that ultimately transforms its learners to knowledge workers for the new millennium. We aim to develop Filipino professionals and entrepreneurs who enjoy a comparative edge over their Asian counterparts through competence… to develop new knowledge, leadership in technology-led enterprises and professionalism, shaped by a nationalist’s vision and humanistic values. We firmly believe that education is a basic right of every Filipino, not just a privilege for a few.

As an educational and training center, we aim to be a catalyst of social change and globalization by producing highly skilled Filipinos imbued with a strong sense of social responsibility and to develop learned and technology professionals that are globally competitive, thereby creating a vibrant and enterprising national economy.

The people working behind Skill Power Institute and Negoskwela are composed of highly dynamic professionals whose unquestionable dedication to be part of such Promethean undertaking goes undaunted and firm. Our resource speakers are from the business world, as well as from academe and other research institutions.

Belief in the proper balance of technology and people, the two constants that make every enterprise work: the drive and the creativity of people and the magic of the modern day technology. Keeping up with the technology is now a must to make it to the new millennium, to the new global economy.

The core competencies of our people are the basic philosophy of our corporate strategy, It entails identifying competence gaps and skill levels then applying to specific functions within the corporate structure. Once we know ourselves and what we can do, we can have that level of confidence to show others what they, in turn, can do to succeed.